We want to support your student’s future success.

It can be tough to start thinking about education after high school while your student is still young. Knowing how to get started saving and actually doing it can be the hardest part. Promise Indiana Randolph County is here to help.

If you start a CollegeChoice 529 account for your student, Randolph County Community Foundation will deposit the first $25 to kick-start your savings. Students can also earn a match from the community when they raise money for their future education. If they receive $25 in deposits, we’ll add another $75. At school, students will discover college and careers in the classroom and explore IU East in Richmond for a campus experience.

New to Promise Indiana Randolph County? You’re in the right place. Keep reading below to learn more about the program and how to get involved.

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Why should families participate?

Together, we are building hope for bright futures.

Since 2019, we’ve supported Randolph County students to start and grow their savings for education and dream about their futures.

Each year, 350 Randolph County students discover college and careers in their classrooms and explore IU East in Richmond.

To date, 1,380 deposits have been made for Randolph County students' future education.

Randolph County families have saved and earned matches totaling over $34,175 for future education.

On average, Randolph County students who are saving have $178 for their future education.

“Registering for the program was effortless and I am so thankful our daughter is on track and saving for her future education.”
Kristen McConnell, Vice President of Mission Advancement, YMCA of Muncie
“In reality, what this does is build internal vision in the hearts of our children. Every time a student receives a scholarship from a local business for their 529 plan that is a vote of confidence and lifts that child to see a brighter future for him or herself. This invests in the hearts of our children so they can look up and see a brighter horizon. ”
Rolland Abraham, Superintendent, Randolph Central Schools
“Only 14% of Indiana youth and only 7% of Randolph County youth reported saving for post-secondary education. In our first year, we started accounts for 50% of the county 3rd graders and in our second year, over 70% started accounts. This program can give our student hope and change the educational and economic future of Randolph County. ”
Cathy Stephen-Miller, Retired Educator and Chairman of Promise Committee

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