Promise Indiana Dillsboro

Bright futures begin with big dreams. Promise Indiana Dillsboro supports every student to pursue education beyond high school.

How it Works

Start a Savings Account

Promise Indiana Dillsboro makes it easy for families to start a CollegeChoice 529 account for future education. Dillsboro Alumni Association deposits the first $25 to kick-start savings for students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade at Dillsboro Elementary.

Discover College and Careers

Early experiences help students visualize their futures. At school, students learn about college and careers and they explore the campus of Ivy Tech Community College. Faculty and students lead activities to build students' excitement for education beyond high school.

Ask Your Champions

Students benefit from having champions who encourage them. Champions can be neighbors, friends, grandparents, aunts, uncles, coaches, or teachers. Students ask their champions to add to their savings for education.

Earn a Community Match

Participating students are eligible to receive a dollar for dollar match up to $25 from the Dillsboro Alumni Association for funds contributed by their champions.

How can families get involved?

All students begin to dream about their future when they start school. They need early experiences, champions, and community support to achieve their dreams. Click below to learn more.

To start a new CollegeChoice 529 account, or log in to your existing account, click here.

Start an Account

Our Supporters and Partners

Dillsboro Alumni Association
Dillsboro Elementary School
Ross Foundation
Jim Hughes
Peter Strange
Kim Spangler
Cory Elder, CPA

Help Us Build Hope

Every dollar helps. Your contributions help children in grades K-3 at Dillsboro Elementary open and grow 529 College Savings accounts. If you would like to make a donation today, please click this link: (All proceeds from this link go directly to the local Promise Indiana Dillsboro chapter. Proceeds from the button below go to the state program administrator-IYI.)

Don’t have a Paypal account? Use this link instead: Make a Donation

Are you interested in joining our organization as a volunteer or business partner? Please reach out to Cory Elder at or by calling (812) 584-0530. We’d love to speak with you!

Indiana Youth Institute

Promise Indiana Dillsboro would not be possible without the support from the Indiana Youth Institute (IYI). IYI is the administrator of this program with partners and chapters all across the state. Their Promise Indiana program helps build hope for bright futures. Click below if you would like to support this effort by making a donation to IYI.